Only the Cleanest and Freshest Crawfish

At WW Crawfish in Columbia, LA, we only sell clean crawfish out of vats and priced with current local markets.

See below for a tried and true recipe for boiling crawfish. Feel free to add anything additional you like. (Link sausage is a good addition and helps with the fat content, which makes crawfish easier to peel).

Boiling Crawfish Recipe

25-30 lbs live crawfish

5 gallons water

2 sticks butter

3 finely-chopped onions

1 whole peeled garlic

3 thinly-sliced lemons

1 c chopped celery

6 bay leaves

2 pkgs Shrimp/Crab boil

1 small bottle liquid Shrimp/Crab boil

Salt to taste (Kosher or ice cream works best)

Bring this mixture to a rapid boil and cover pot with lid for about 10 minutes to cook all seasonings together. Add crawfish and wait for water to return to rapid boil and cook for 5 minutes. Remove pot from burner, cover and let “soak” to absorb seasonings. (Adding 2 cups iced water will make them sink from top and absorb more flavor.) For mild flavor, soak 15 minutes. For heavier or hotter flavor, soak 30-45 minutes. Dump hot into ice chest to serve.